The Music of Richard Warren Rappaport

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Sailing o’er the water
Whispering windless words
And wondering if they’ll find a shore.

Lyrics from Sail Into The Sun

Richard Warren Rappaport has created a style that is unique in adult contemporary pop music today, combining an outstanding vocal performance with superb compositions and polished and introspective lyrics. 

He is recording exclusively on A Top New York Label, a division of Rappaport Arts & Entertainment, Inc., Rappaport Bros. Publishing Division (BMI).  The music of Richard Warren Rappaport is available wherever digital music is found, including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, My Space Music, Rhapsody, eMusic and elsewhere.

Richard Warren Rappaport’s release, Sail Into The Sun, presents a melodic and dramatic composition in a tropical style that speaks of endless time and enduring love.

Richard Rappaport
Photo by: Lynn Parks

Co-produced by the late legendary Tom Dowd, Sail Into The Sun remained in the Top 20 for over three weeks in the Fall of 2008 on the national Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB) Adult Contemporary charts. Sail Into The Sun was produced by Richard Warren Rappaport, Rappaport Arts & Entertainment, Inc., and Howard J. Wiener, Wiener Entertainment International, LLC.

In its “AC Picks” review of Sail Into The Sun, FMQB states that “Richard Warren Rappaport has seen radio welcome him with open arms.  And why not. Sail Into the Sun is custom made for mainstream AC Radio. A well crafted melody and subtle rhythms surround (his) smooth vocal delivery.”

Richard Rappaport

Photo by:
Lynn Parks




A supporter of the arts, Richard Warren Rappaport has dedicated Sail Into The Sun to the internationally acclaimed HOPE Public Interest Resource Center at the University of Miami School of Law. The HOPE program provides education and direct service opportunities to law students so they may engage in pro bono legal outreach within the community for those who are in need, including those in the arts.

Richard Warren Rappaport’s release, Great Rock ‘N’ Roll is a musical fantasy about the world of pop music, tracing its roots to traditional rock and R&B, and delivered in a fascinating contemporary style.

Making its radio debut in Philadelphia, and distributed by Universal, Philadelphia, Great Rock ‘N’ Roll received airplay in that city and throughout the Northeast.

Once re-mixed, recorded, and co-produced by Tom Dowd, Great Rock ‘N’ Roll became the theme in 2007 for the television series Hello Hollywood, hosted by Rene’ Katz on WHDT Television, West Palm Beach.


Photo: Courtesy of BMI
BMI's Del Bryant,
Rene' Katz, Delia Orjuela and Rich Rappaport

In film, Richard Warren Rappaport’s composition, Louisiana Way, was presented on the soundtrack of the 2004 CBS Television Movie of the Week, The Madam's Family: The Truth About the Canal Street Brothel, and was subsequently placed in consideration for an EMMY™ nomination for soundtrack source music within The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

A member of the Los Angeles Chapter of The Recording Academy™ and the Los Angeles based Academy of Television Arts & Sciences™, Richard Warren Rappaport has been featured as a performer at many special events and benefit concerts, including the prestigious Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale, and the Steinway/BMI Music & Arts Showcase Series in Miami with partners Steinway & Sons and BMI. 

Recording Notes
Music and lyrics for both Sail Into The Sun and Great Rock ‘N’ Roll by Richard Warren Rappaport. Originally produced by Richard Warren Rappaport and Bruce Alan Rappaport for A Top New York Label.  Lead vocals by Richard Warren Rappaport, with vocal and instrumental accompaniment on rhythm guitar by Bruce Alan Rappaport.  Lead guitar by Steuart Smith. Engineered and arranged by Mark Greenhouse and Bill McCullough, Greenhouse-McCullough Productions. Recorded at Track Studios, Silver Spring, Maryland, and mastered at Masterphonics, Nashville.

Digitally transferred at New River Studios, Ft. Lauderdale, and Crescent Moon Studios, Miami.  Re-recorded and re-mixed at the L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance, University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, Florida.  Engineered and re-mixed by the late legendary producer Tom Dowd, Tom Dowd Productions, Miami. Re-mastered by Will Edwards at Sprockets Music, Miami, and by Michael Fuller at Fuller Sound, Miami.




The concept behind the film CONCERT was borne out of a live acoustic solo concert performance. Our purpose was to develop a documentary that addressed the question as to why artists create their works and, in this case, what drives an artist to write a musical composition, whether it is based upon political, social or personal reasons.

In this respect, our goal was to provide an introspective and reflective story of the genesis of original music, its importance to the creative process and the significance of the message to be delivered. To accomplish that, we conducted a series of interviews following the concert on why each song was composed and what the artist meant to convey to the listener.

In the end, we wanted our audience to understand the texture that lives within a musical composition, the mosaic of stories that unfold in each song, and the artistic relevance of music to our world. We hope that in CONCERT, we’ve accomplished that goal.

The Director

Richard Warren Rappaport is a BMI-affiliated artist, songwriter and publisher. He has performed his music on television, radio and onstage, and at numerous events in support of the arts, including the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Steinway/BMI Music and Arts Showcase series and the ABA Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries First Annual International Legal Symposium on the World of Music, Film, Television and Sports. He believes in the importance of ongoing discussions on topics and issues facing the entertainment industry today, and supports the music industry and emerging and established recording artists within it. He is active in civic, community and charitable organizations in South Florida, New York and Los Angeles.

Technical Notes

The entire film was shot using three different types of camera technologies: Sony XDCam HD, Sony HDV and Panasonic high definition DSLR systems. Studio sequences were shot using two synchronized cameras. On-location footage and interviews were shot film style with one DSLR camera that incorporated prime lenses. The high definition video post-production, effects, color grading and audio mixing were produced using Apple's Final Cut Pro editing system.

The concert was filmed on a studio soundstage before a live audience at Multivision Video and Film. Two acoustic guitars were used for the performance: a Nashville class Gibson Hummingbird and a shallow body Ovation. A Gibson Dove acoustic guitar was also used for filmed interviews outside the studio. During the concert, the guitar and vocal performances were recorded on separate tracks simultaneously, then digitally engineered, mixed and mastered in the editing process at Multivision.



Directed by: Richard Warren Rappaport

Country: USA

Year Completed: 2011

Running Time: 56 Min.

Format: Documentary

Language: English

Synopsis: Set at a benefit concert, music, art and creativity merge in this introspective look into the world of an American singer-songwriter, where every song has a story and every story has a song.

Writer: Richard Warren Rappaport

Producers: Richard Warren Rappaport, Robert Berkowitz

Executive Producer: Rene’ Katz

Art Director, Editor, Cinematographer and Lighting Design: Rene’ Borroto

Principal Cast: Richard Warren Rappaport, Rene’ Katz

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