Composer and Pianist Richard Nanes

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The late international composer and pianist Richard Nanes is regarded as one of the most acclaimed artists of our time in contemporary classical and classical crossover music. His works have been performed by leading symphonies around the world.

Mr. Nanes’ 10th CD release, Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra, provides us with an eloquent work. Conducted by Thomas Sanderling and featuring the London Philharmonic, its eight connected movements transport the listener on an amazing rhapsodic journey through a myriad of melodic psychological and spiritual vistas and contrasts of musical darkness and light.

The piece is a paean to love in all its forms: the primitive, the sensual and the cerebral. Similar to Frank’s Symphonic Variations, the piano and orchestra are on an equal footing throughout this performance.

The opening movement begins with forceful brass fanfares. Soon Mr. Nanes presents us with a breathtaking tapestry rivaling the opening of Stravinsky’s Symphony in Three Movements, in which the piano challenges the orchestra to match its fluidity and virtuosity.

Then Mr. Nanes introduces a shadowy solemnity as the piano, low brass and winds converse in canon in the manner of Shostakovich. Mr. Nanes nods to impressionism in the lovely intermezzo, where Debussy colored chords are contrasted with the stateliness of its sarabande-like rhythm. Expressivo provides a transition to the heart of the work: The Adagio.

Here Richard Nanes allows his love of the piano to break forth in expansive and glorious song over the gentle arpeggios in the orchestra. There is a mood of wistful longing in this beautiful piece where he captures the essence of the romantic heart as Brahms and Mahler did in an
ear­lier time.

The full orchestra eventually embraces the melody and sings It with triumphant warmth. The final Poco allegro is a summing up of the emotional territory traversed in the entire work with further virtuoso passages. The work concludes as it reflects the fading echoes of the piano, winds and chimes.

In Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra, Richard Nanes has indeed created a masterpiece that continues to reveal its musical subtleties and surprise and please us with its originality, excitement and beauty.

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Pianist Richard Nanes, left, with Thomas Sanderling
Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra Composer and Pianist Richard Nanes, left, with Thomas Sanderling, Conductor of the London Philharmonic
Richard Nanes
Richard Nanes receives a gift of appreciation from American Opera Director Diane Corto for his concert performance at the Russian Consulate in
New York City
Richard Nanes
Richard Nanes in concert at the United Nations as presented by Ambassador Huang Jiahua of the People's Republic of China





Richard Nanes
Richard Nanes is presented with a Medal and Diploma for Achievements in the Fine Arts for the category of composer, by Professor Doctor Otto F. Joklik, President of the Managing Committee of the Albert Schweitzer Society
in Brussels










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