Pop Vocalist Sabrina Shaheen

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Sabrina Shaheen has touched listeners with the sound of her voice and her dedication to uplifting people with her music. Whether singing in the theater, the symphony, in film, or in concert, Sabrina is one of those rare performers whose music conveys both passionate beauty and depth.  Her new album, Love Is is a powerful expression of her musical vision, one that has been a lifetime in the making.

After years of working to be the best singer, writer and performer she can be, and in a career filled with impacting all whom she encounters, Sabrina Shaheen has reached a peak with Love Is. Her intention to reach people through her music remains as unshakable as ever.  She declares, “I want my music to be heard by people all over the world. As with most everyone in life, I've been through a lot and I like to think that by sharing my music, I can help others through similar situations." Given Sabrina’s dedication to her craft and her relentless pursuit of her dream, it seems almost inevitable that her wish will come true.

Sabrina Shaheen

We recently spoke with Sabrina about her career.

iStudioi:  Tell us about yourself.

Ms. Shaheen:  I was born and raised in Michigan, and have been immersed in music and the arts for as long as I can remember. I began to play my family’s piano at the age of four, and at seven, I began formal piano lessons. At the same time, I was studying ballet, from the age of three through college, and eventually became a member of the Tri-City Ballet Company while in high school. I’ve studied a variety of dance, including ballet, tap, flamenco, modern, and jazz.

iStudioi:  How do you regard music as a career?

Ms. Shaheen:  Throughout the challenges of my life, music has been a true, loyal friend. It has never let me down. I love various genres of music: hard rock, jazz, pop, classical, and dance. I planned to channel my love of music into an intensive program of music study, all with the goal of becoming a performer. As I developed as a performer, I played in over ten musical, dance, and theatrical roles for the University of Michigan and regional theaters, with lead roles in Kismet, A Chorus Line and Peter Pan, among others.

I also sang at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall and performed live at Detroit’s legendary Cobo Hall. I have played the Detroit music circuit, keeping up a relentless schedule of performing my originals and standards at various clubs, restaurants and parties. I’ve also done voice-over work and won the lead role in the independent film Rage of Justice. I’ve even sung at a private party for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

iStudioi:  And what of your latest album?

Ms. Shaheen:  My album, my “labor of love,” is titled Love Is, which I produced with Brian Drago. It’s a departure from my history of singing jazz. Instead, it emphasizes my love of dance and ethereal pop. Many would say the CD recalls the sounds of Madonna and Enya simultaneously.

iStudioi:  Do you have favorite tracks?

Ms. Shaheen:  My favorite tracks include the opening song, Show Me, and the album’s title track, Love Is, which is an expression of my vision of what love makes possible for humanity. I love the song because it captures what I believe humans can strive for – a kinder, gentler level of living. The track Ecstasy is a fun song and the song Look Into My Eyes is, as some critics would say, a “tale of hypnotic seduction.” The song Veiled is also a personal favorite, and my first single from the album, In My Life, is the album’s statement of purpose: to follow a dream no matter what obstacles may cross one’s path.

iStudioi:  Please tell us about the success of your first release.

Ms. Shaheen:  My first single, In My Life, was chosen by my promoters. It was a surprising choice to me, only because it wasn’t the song I would have chosen to be the first single, but it did really well on the charts. It rose to #14 on the Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB) national Adult Contemporary chart in November of 2008, and it ranked among the single being the most added to radio stations several weeks in a row. The song did so well that in one particular week I was ranked #3 most added behind Celine Dion and Mariah Carey! So I was in great company, and the success of In My Life was certainly one of the highlights of my career. The single continues to be played on several stations nationwide, including college radio.

iStudioi:  What’s next?

Ms. Shaheen: I am continuing to promote my CD throughout the internet and perform. I am also starting to write music for a film and for my next album. This current album has different styles of music on it, because I do have an affinity for many different genres of music. For my next project, I will write whatever and wherever my heart and inspiration take me.

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